Health Savings Accounts

A Health Savings Account (HSA) has many benefits.  HSA compatible Health Plans have lower premiums, allowing you to put savings aside into an HSA.  Many times, if you are switching from a non HSA health plan, you will note that you can fund your HSA, and still have savings in your pocket each month.
-HSAToday is the nation’s most comprehensive HSA solution. With HSAToday, you have instant access to your account, 24/7, with management and investment tools, electronic receipt and claim storage, professional account assistance, and more!
-HSA Contributions are pre-tax on a Federal level, and in most cases on a state level.  That means you will be paying for eligible medical expenses with pretax dollars!  In many cases you will save at least 30% by using an HSA for eligible medical expenses.  The accounts can be funded by employees / employers or both.
-HSA's are a great savings/retirement tool. The largest expenses we will most likely face as we get older are medical. 
-We have great investment options.  Most HSA's require a balance of around $2,000 to begin investing in mutual funds, we only require a balance of $1,000 to invest.
-We have a unique claims vault™, you can upload your eligible receipts and store then electronically.  No more keeping that shoe box full of reciepts!  You can upload your receipts even if you don't plan to reimburse yourself from your HSA at the time of uploading.  If in the future you want to submit those expenses, to be reimbursed, it is just a few clicks away.
-Debit Card for using your HSA funds at point of sale!
-Mobile App. for checking balances/submitting claims
-We provide HSA administration for individuals, and employers.
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